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Lung Disease Center of Central PA

State-of-the-Art Pulmonary Prevention, Detection and Treatment

The Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania opened its doors in the Spring of 2011 in a state-of-the-art facility located at 800 Chestnut Avenue in Altoona.

The Center on Chestnut Avenue is a two-story, 15,000-square-foot facility containing the offices of Altoona Lung Specialists, the Sleep Disorder Network, a CT scanner, and the newly formed non-profit organization known as the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA.

The Lung Disease Center of Central PA offers a wide range of services to patients of the Altoona Lung Specialists. Our “one-stop” facility provides patients with state-of-the-art care, including testing, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary diseases in one location within their own community, allowing them to remain local.

Lung Disease Center Location
Our Team

Altoona Lung Specialists

Premier Pulmonary Care in Altoona, PA

Altoona Lung Specialists’ experienced and caring physicians and staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and treatment to allow patients to control their condition and return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Convenience and Customer Service are not words commonly associated with health care in this day and age. Receiving specialty care, in areas like Central Pennsylvania that are far removed from large university-based medical centers, has become anything but convenient for most patients. That is why it is the mission of Altoona Lung Specialists to offer our patients convenience and customer service as a top priority.

Sleep Disorder Network

Dedicated to Helping Patients get a Good Night’s Sleep

The Sleep Disorder Network, located inside the Lung Disease Center of Central PA, was specifically designed with state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate, treat and follow-up with patients who experience obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as well as other sleep disorders.

Dr. Alan Kanouff and Dr. Timothy Lucas, both board certified in sleep medicine, are full time physicians at the Sleep Disorder Network. Who work with patients to study and make recommendations for their sleep disorders. The Sleep Disorder Network offers the convenience of the entire process taking place in one location under the excellent care of these doctors and their sleep study staff.

Doctor Talking to Patient
Our Team Receiving Donation

Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA

Inform, Empower & Educate Individuals on How to Improve All Aspects of Lung Health

The Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA was formed as a non-profit corporation in 2013 by George M. Zlupko, M.D., FCCP., to focus on education and the high tech development of pulmonary services in Central PA.

The Lung Disease Foundation of Central Pennsylvania is dedicated to inform, empower and educate individuals on how to improve all aspects of lung health. To accomplish this, the Lung Disease Foundation partners with community businesses and organizations, their staff and volunteers to raise awareness of lung health issues, and assist with lung cancer patients and their families’ needs.

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